Dean and the Impala: A Visual Representation of His Psyche
2x02 "Everybody Love A Clown" / 2x03 "Bloodlust" /
5x04 "The End" / 5x22 "Swan Song" /
7x01 "Meet the New Boss" / 9x16 "Blade Runners"

Let’s talk about Dean and the Impala. Let’s talk about how that car is so much more than just a car. How "baby" is the silent third major character (or fourth/fifth if you want to count Castiel and Crowley as major characters as well). How she isn’t a vehicle, but “the most important object in pretty much the entire universe” and how she has been the only home the Winchesters have ever known.

Let’s talk about how the Impala is a strong symbol and visual representation of Dean’s psyche, how everything that happens to Dean pretty much happens to “baby” as well. Let’s talk about how Bobby said in the beginning of S2 that there is nothing to save and Sam said that Dean would make her whole again when he is better. let’s talk about how the Impala wa spretty much dead, the same way Dean was fighting for his life while being in a coma in the hospital. Let’s talk about how Dean takes his anger, frustration and guilt out on the Impala after his dad dies making a deal to save him, how when he is hammering into her, he is basically hurting himself with each pounding blow. The way she looks - battered and bruised, broken - Dean looks as well.

Let’s talk about how the Impala sat abandoned, a shell of what it used to be in Endverse the same way 2014!Dean is just a shell of the man he truly is. Let’s talk about the "toy soldier Sam crammed into the ash tray", let’s talk about the "legos Dean shoved into the vents" and let’s talk about how they both carved their initals into her, made her theirs. And let’s talk about how she got marked by demons, the very same season Dean got the mark of Cain.

Let’s talk about how Dean built the Impala up from the ground countless times. How he worked on her until she was as good as new. Let’s talk about how he with mending the car in a way is mending himself as well. Putting all the broken pieces back together. Putting himself back together. Let’s talk about how he turns to the Impala when he is at the end of his rope, how she is his rock of strength.

Let’s talk about how Dean’s Axis Mundi was a road and how the Impala was an integral part of his heaven, because it stands for family, for home. Let’s talk about all of this and more. And then let’s talk about how the Impala was passed on to Dean by his father, but how baby was never John’s. Yes, let’s talk about how Dean and Sam are only driving an Impala today, because Dean made the choice back in 1973 and how with that the Impala has always been Dean’s.






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